I left here feeling very satisfied and sickly full, which is how I like to end a meal. I don’t like leaving a restaurant feeling like I’m going to be hungry again in 30 minutes, especially when I just spent $50.

It was our first time here and I was a little overwhelmed when I looked at the menu. I didn’t know what half of the ingredients were in most of the cocktails and I wanted to eat everything on the food menu. Our waitress, Cassie, was great. She was eager to make recommendations on both.

I started with a drink called the Witchfinder General. Cassie described it as a play on a margarita, and I would agree. Tequila and lime are like peas and carrots. We started the meal with a bang when we ordered the chargrilled seitan skewers. Everything about this appetizer was amazing. The texture and the flavor of the seitan were spot on. Chewy and dense, with a little crisp on the outside. The sauces had so much flavor and they complimented each other as well as the seitan. The scallions were like icing on a cake, I love the crunch, freshness and flavor that this garnish brings to almost any dish.

For our entrees, we shared the Memphis BBQ Jackfruit sandwich and the Salt and Vinegar. I have tried jackfruit a few times, it is quite a treat. I don’t recall ever eating pulled pork, but I hear this is the plant-based replacement of choice. The sourdough bread was fantastic, it had a great toast on it, which is important. Obtaining the perfect toast means the difference between a soggy sandwich and tearing up the roof of your mouth. I love pickles and onion with BBQ and this had both. It was one of those sandwiches that once you pick it up, you can’t put it down. Not only is it fall-apart messy, but you also just want to keep eating it. There was an ingredient in this sandwich that had a weird after taste and I just could not put a finger on it. I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with garden soil, but sometimes when you breathe in, you can almost taste it….that’s the after taste I kept getting. Very strange, but still the sandwich was delicious. The chips that came with it, not so much. They were fresh made potato chips, but really, they were just crunchy grease. Maybe it was the timing and I had a bad batch, I’ll give them another shot. I have to say I’m glad we started with the skewers, and not the Salt and Vinegar. This was Kindred’s version of fish and chips, what a great idea. There aren’t really many places one can get a vegan onion ring, and that alone is exciting. The rings were very crispy, and the onion was cooked perfectly, but the onion was very greasy throughout and the batter had no flavor. The gardein patties were nice and crispy on the outside as well, but the inside was a bit dry. I felt it was too much like a chicken patty rather than a fish filet (Gardein has new fish filets, they really should use those instead). The inside needed to be more flaky, with more of a briny, saltiness and was definitely under seasoned. A little old bay and maybe some lemon juice would have helped make it more reminiscent of fish. The slaw was super boring and I don’t recall tasting anything like a jalapeno tartar sauce, but that sounds delicious. Too bad, so sad, this dish had a lot of potential. Again, maybe it was an off day, but I would not order this dish again. We took home a Boring English Trifle, which was anything but boring. Not a complaint, so much as an observation, the banana custard is not very banana. The rest of it is really, really good.

Our server was great, she was prompt, courteous and very helpful with her menu recommendations. Everyone that worked here was very nice and everyone I made eye contact with gave a smile, which is always appreciated and makes me think they enjoy their jobs.

We are excited to go back and try more. Next time, I will take photos for sure! I can’t believe I didn’t, we were really hungry and pretty much just dove right in.

Kindred Menu
1503 30th St, San Diego, CA 92102
(619) 546-9653