Vegan dining on Maui
Vegan Fudge
Jalapeno cornbread
Baked apples with vanilla soy ice cream
The baby pineapple
The baby pineapple II
Chick’n ravioli with smokey green chili sauce
Salted caramel corn
Quick chocolate mug cake with banana ice cream
Potato dumplins
Meatball sub
Wonton soup
A breakfast thing
Heirloom tomato salad
Buffalo Chick’n pizza
Mango passion fruit french toast
Strawberry whips
What’s in the kitchen chick’n
Beetdown linguini
Tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons
Udon soup/cream cheese wontons
Another Sunday in the kitchen
Heirloom tomato sandwich
Mac N Cheese
Bacon wrapped croissants
Recipe contest, strawberry whips!
A garlic story
mmm Donuts
Where the magic began
Beef tips and peppers
Taco casserole
Chocolate chip and toasted coconut ice cream
Hollapeno Hot Sauce
Spicy sausage and peppers over kale and pasta
Chick’n and Waffles
Tower of Delicious
Summer bacon wrapped hot dogs
Simple homemade tomato soup
Grilled cheese
Fourth of July breakfast
Buffalo Chick’n and cucumber jalapeno soup
A tour of my garden
Saturday night in the kitchen
Vegan ceasar salad
Cauliflower buffalo wings
Roasted veggie ravioli
Passion flowers
The perfect chocolate chip cookie
Breakfast for dinner
Fried chick’n, smokey bacon collard greens and coleslaw
Chickpea double decker tacos
The lowdown