Heirloom tomato salad

heirloom tomato

Today I picked my first “chocolate stripes” heirloom tomato. It was big and beautiful and ugly and perfectly delicious. I had a huge avocado that was given to us ripe this morning so I needed to use it somehow.

I chopped the tomato and the avocado into bite sized chunks. I left all the chunks laying in a single layer on the cutting board, then drizzled everything with some lemon juice and sprinkled with salt and pepper. I put the pieces back into the avocado halves and served with balsamic glaze and hollapeño hot sauce.

avocado tomato salad

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  1. flavourphotos says:

    How lovely is that tomato! Love it 🙂 I’ve grown tomatoes for the first time this year and had such a wonderful harvest… I’ve posted a recipe for sunblush (roasted, semi-dried) tomatoes on my blog a couple of days ago. If you’ve never tried roasting your own…. it’s soooo delicious.

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