What’s in the kitchen chicken….

We went out of town for a few days so the cupboards were bare. We ate out the whole time we were away so I really wanted to cook, I just had to make do with what was on hand and it turned out pretty good.

kitchen chicken

2 pkgs of Rising Moon garlic and roasted veggie ravioli
1 jar of Victoria Vegan arugula pesto alfredo sauce
1/2 cup of marinara sauce, I used arrabiata
1 pkg Gardein chick’n scallopini
sliced green tomatoes (I had some in the freezer), asparagus would be good if you don’t have access to green tomatoes
olive oil
fresh parsley

Cook ravioli according to package instructions.
Saute chick’n scallopini’s in some olive oil until golden brown.
Add green tomatoes and saute just until soft.
Warm sauces together in a sauce pan, add salt and lots of fresh black pepper.
Plate ravioli, cover with sauce, top with chicken. Garnish with green tomatoes and chopped fresh parsley.

Easy as pie.

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