Garlic, from the beginning.

This was my first try at growing garlic, I did well. Elephant garlic is quite different from regular garlic. It starts the same, kind of like an onion, then it gets taller and taller and has a big purple puff of a flower at the very top. It’s very pretty in the yard, I had some mixed in with flowers and some in a pot. It likes deep soil with good drainage and it likes a lot of water while it’s growing.


E. Garlic is the tall, slender gentleman in the middle.

Once the leaves start to turn just a little brown you actually start watering it much less. When the plants started to look really weepy and more and more leaves turned brown, I harvested.


I grew 4 plants and had four huge, beautiful bulbs of elephant garlic. Once they were rinsed well, I cut the whole top off and all of the roots. I let it dry out in the garage for two weeks, the whole house smelled like garlic for the first few days.


I have been cooking with it quite a bit. The cloves are huge and taste is mild and smooth. It seems less “oniony” than garlic, I like that about it. It’s also a lot softer so it roasts better (roasted in the oven with just a little olive oil and salt, then spread on toasted bread with some fresh tomato and basil, might just be one of the best things ever).


This is a single clove. It’s big.

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