Beef. It’s what’s for lunch.


This is a regular lunch for us. It takes about 15 minutes in the morning and it tastes great re-heated.

1 pkg Gardein beefless tips
Fresh green beans
Red pepper and yellow pepper rings ( those little mini sweet peppers are great, or just some chopped up bell pepper )
1 pkg Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice
Soy sauce
Black pepper
Sesame seeds if you have them ( One key factor in your vegan diet should be variety. Add extra things to any meal just because they are good for you. I try to hide kale, chickpeas, edemame, seeds or nuts in a lot of dishes just to add extra nutrients. )

Serves two.

Heat some olive oil in a sautee pan. Add your beef tips, be careful your oil is not too hot when you add your frozen beef tips, the ice will make it pop. Sautee on high heat for a few minutes, turning occasionally to brown all sides. Add some sriracha and soy sauce to taste, add your beans and peppers then cover for a few minutes. Stir it a few times. Cook until your veggies are as soft as you like them to be, keep in mind you will be microwaving for a few minutes later. Open up your ready rice, unheated. Distribute between two tupperware containers then add your beef tips and veggies. Pour the excess sauce over your rice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Get to work.

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