Bacon wrapped hot dogs and spicy southwest salad

edited saladbacon hot dogs

Yes, vegan.

Lightlife veggie dogs wrapped with Lightlife smart bacon.
I brushed both with olive oil before wrapping and grilling.
Grill until bacon is crisp enough to stay put, don’t move them around, you really only want to turn them once.
Toast the buns on the grill.
Garnish as you please.

The salad is a power greens mix that I get at Sprouts. It’s got spinach, baby kale and baby swiss chard. I sauteed some frozen corn and let that cool. In a large mixing bowl, add your greens, cooled corn, toss in some black beans, tomatoes, salt and pepper.
The dressing is salsa (mom’s really hot home made salsa), lemon juice, cucumber, vegan ranch dressing, and some olive oil. Blend until smooth, drizzle on salad and toss gently until just distributed.

I love summer.

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