Vegan grilled cheese!

grilled cheese

Vegan grilled cheese and bacon with a savory baked squash

Oh my, this was good.

First, you must start with a really good sourdough bread. Butter it up with Earth Balance vegan buttery spread.

As far as non dairy cheese goes, it is incredibly hard to find anything worth eating. None of it tastes like cheese. The longer I go without eating cheese, the less I care about replacing it. Sometimes I crave a slice of pizza or a fresh donut from the bakery, but that’s about it.

This sandwich easily satisfies a grilled cheese craving. I used Tofutti American soy cheese slices. I also put some vegan bacon in at the end, and I love a grilled cheese with yellow mustard, but I don’t know anyone else who does. Cook the bacon first, then pull apart the sandwich at the end and put it in, so it doesn’t get soggy. Sprinkle with garlic salt.

The “squash.”

This is the mystery squash from the garden. I had some random plants pop up that looked to be either squash or watermelon. I’ve been watching them patiently and finally decided to pick one and cut it open. It appeared to be a squash very much like a zucchini, but small and round, about the size of a softball. So, I drizzled each half with olive oil then packed on tons of chopped garlic, vegan parmesan, sea salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika. I baked them until they were nice and crispy on top and I could stick a fork in them. They turned out pretty good!

I did some squash searching online and now I’m pretty convinced they are pumpkins! Some of them are starting to turn yellow on the vine and they just keep getting bigger. I’m excited about growing pumpkins, what a fun surprise!

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